Saturday, June 23, 2012

I should have known when I felt compelled to explore an abandoned farmhouse.  Then there was another one with a suspiciously springy kitchen floor. There was one where raccoons had used the old bathtub as a toilet. I even crawled through the window of one empty place with a realtor who forgot his keys.  Although I never, ever imagined I'd be selling real estate, I now realize it was probably inevitable. My name is Susan and I am a house junkie.

I've lived in many houses, loved a few of them, hated a couple. I've had inexplicably strong emotional ties to places I've never lived in, houses I've driven by, walked by, and felt I'd lived in for a lifetime.

Now one of my jobs (besides working as a writer, a journalist and a book editor) is to help people sell their homes and find new places to love.

I suspect there are going to be some adventures.  I also suspect there are some stories I won't be able to share here.  But there will be plenty of stories I'll be able to tell and this seems a good way to do it.

Perhaps I will find a new house-love.  Or two.

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