Saturday, June 30, 2012

Play Nice, Now

Real estate, like anything else, is more fun when people treat each other well. Yes, we are in competition, but the ultimate goal is to make sure the client is satisfied - all clients. That means we work together.

 I am one of those possibly naive Pollyanna people who believe that Little House on the Prairie was a fair depiction of the world - people are basically good, and if you just give them a chance, they'll prove it to you. Honestly, if it's not true, don't tell me.  I wouldn't handle it well.

So far, Pollyanna has not been disappointed.  My dealings with other realtors have been very positive - they're professional and encouraging. Clients, so far, have also been wonderful. They're excited, they're nervous, perhaps they need a little hand-holding, but they're satisfied and appreciative when their questions are answered, their needs are considered and they feel like their realtor is doing everything possible for them.

The news stories indicate the housing market is beginning to turn a corner, that recovery is finally happening. But sellers are still dealing with tough decisions, having to price their properties tight to stay competitive. Buyers want the best deal possible. That's when playing nice pays. It's the realtor's job to try to negotiate a deal that lets both sides feel like they got a fair shake. It's not always easy.

But playing nice pays off.  Satisfied clients remember.

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