Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A life in reconstruction

It's tremendously interesting, this life post-Hurricane. An opportunity to see just how I cope (or don't) and where my weak spots are. Those weak spots are bound to give way when the stress levels climb into the red zone.

A generic photo of construction doesn't really explain what goes on.  An audio file would be better - and I actually have one. I recorded the sound one day as one fellow ripped a straight line through floor tile, a second in the master bedroom drilled through damaged joists and the steady thunk thunk of a nail gun provided the beat.

We've held up pretty well but I notice I can't remember anything for long.  Particularly schedules.  I've missed an interview because I confused which day we were planning to talk.  I've shown up at the office when someone else has said they'd cover for me.  I've done that one twice.

"I'm kind of worried about you," KB said the other night.  "I always thought you were really organized."

Well, no.  But I used to be better than this.

It's the chaos.  This is apparently my response...I blank out.

Again, there's a lesson in this when I go out with clients.  So many times we see a house that is "almost perfect, but..." and we blithely discuss the "easy" changes that would fix it.

No matter how easy those fixes are, it's important to understand that construction turns your life upside down. The rewards are great, but you do pay a price while it is going on.

We had no choice this time: there was a massive hole in our roof and branches stuck through the ceilings.  But I will remember this, and be sure that I help my clients prepare for the tumult that will precede the creation of their dream home.

I just hope I'll remember whatever it was I was supposed to do tomorrow.

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