Saturday, December 8, 2012

Moving Day

Ever since Hurricane Sandy dropped a tree through our roof, we've been living in limbo.  But something very exciting happened last night.  We moved into our HGTV-worthy bedroom!

As the tree groaned on our roof, we had to evacuate to a motel. Then we took shelter in a sweet little cottage owned by a friend who rents it out to vacationers.  If you're planning to visit Woodstock, I recommend it highly.  We felt snug and safe after a pretty significant trauma.

Only half of our house was habitable - the rest was under construction.  But last night, the contractors gave us the green light to sleep in our new bedroom - a beautiful, bright space that's better than it ever was before Sandy.

Before we could enjoy our new space, we had to move our stuff in. I missed my massive Eastlake bed - monstrous though it was, it was easy to take apart and move. Our spiffy modern bed is a nightmare of Allen wrenches and veneer.  The dresser draws have to be put back just so or they sit at a crazy cock-eyed angle and look demented.

Right now, fabric tacked above the windows serves as curtains. There's no artwork, my dresser is still in another room. And once the dresser's moved, I have to paint the office and move my stuff back into that room. Busy busy busy.

This is just the beginning.  The movers are coming next week to return all the things we had to have shipped out and stored while construction was underway.

"This is just like moving," KB observed.

It is. And we hate moving. But we're going to take this opportunity to decorate more thoughtfully, arrange our things more selectively and maybe, maybe, eliminate a little clutter from our lives.

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