Thursday, January 17, 2013

Patience is a virtue

There's one  facet of buying or selling home (or representing the clients in those transactions) that no one talks about - the fact that there's a lot of waiting involved.

If you're likeVeruca Salt in Willie Wonka's chocolate factory ("I want it now!") you're going to be frustrated.

First, there's the reality that even if you find your dream home at your very first stop, chances are it's going to be awhile before you can move in. There are the realities of inspections, paperwork, legal agreements, even getting utilities transferred to your name. And if you're getting a mortgage, it's going to be a couple of months. I'm told the record for a mortgage in our area is three weeks - and that was considered something akin to a miracle.

Then there's the more likely scenario that if you're buying, you're going to look at a few (or maybe quite a few!) houses before you find the one that's just right. Goldilocks had something important to say after all.

And if you're selling, the same goes double for you. You may have a stroke of luck and find your buyer is the first person to see your home after you list it. But there's a good chance it's going to be potential buyer number six or even twelve.

What I'm finding fascinating is the fact that being a realtor also means a daily exercise in learning to be comfortable with waiting. Clients who are certain they're ready to buy change their minds; their lives change, their plans change, life conspires to force them to put their plans on the shelf.

Sellers change their minds, too. And it's to be expected. Selling a home is a huge decision. Moving is never easy. Sometimes the best laid plans...

Truthfully?  It's all okay. Any investment as big as a house, a home, ought to be done deliberately and with great care. And the anticipation only adds to the excitement when the deal is finally done.

What I'm finding wonderful is meeting really interesting people, widening my circle, sharing the excitement of looking for homes. Honestly, could it get much better?  People invite me to their homes, I get to help them find someone new who will love their place, too. I get to know people, learn what they like, then match them with the home they've been wishing for.

Matchmaking is a great job!

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