Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Joining The Upstater

If you like what you read here, check out another place where I'll be posting.  As of April 3, I'll be penning (typing?) Upstate 101 on a great blog for people who love the upstate New York life....Upstater.net.

I'm sharing some home buying tips and some insider information on some of my favorite places and people.  I'm hoping it'll be a place where we can share some information - maybe you'll clue me in to some places I didn't know about!

I spent a few hours in Rosendale last weekend - the day before Easter to be exact. It was a bit surreal.  The sidewalks were empty except for a huge Easter bunny looking for people to give candy to.  Yet the shops were hopping - which made me wonder: how was everyone getting from shop to shop?  Do they have teleporters in Rosendale?

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