Thursday, August 29, 2013

Alternate Project

If you have actually met me, you know real estate isn't my only love - I also write. If you haven't met me, you may have figured it out as I continue to transfer thoughts to blog as though it matters.

It should.

In the back of my mind, I've been slowly watching the seed of an idea, waiting to see if it grows.  And I do mean slowly - it started back in 2008. That's when I started my first blog, Everyday People.

It started with outrage and fear - I was watching a major meltdown of our economic system, the disintegration of our middle class suppositions, and the future resembled nothing so much as medieval feudalism.  I began to think of the majority of us as serfs - and the deeper I looked, the truer it seemed.

My outrage cooled, as most hot emotions tend to eventually do.  I grew discouraged. I felt like it was pointless to keep talking or writing. I grew quiet. I decided it didn't matter.

It does.

I am no longer angry. I'm determined. And I know what I'm going to do about it.  The seed that I discovered five years ago is sprouting.

People's stories are what matter and I'm going to tell them.

We work in a world that bears very little resemblance to the world I grew up in. The sixties and seventies were times of huge transition, and the nineties took us light years ahead with the advent of the personal computer. 

We have to work - the cost of living has skyrocketed and our incomes have not.  But we can't find work. Or we have to make our own work.

I am talking to working people in the US, people from everywhere.  I am talking to people who are working four jobs and people who cannot find one. I am talking to people at the top of their professions and people whose profession has vanished.

I am going to share their stories on my Everyday People blog.  I am sure I am not the only person doing this. There are even other projects with similar names. That's okay. No one will talk to the same people as I do, no one will hear the same stories I hear.  They all need to be heard.

Time is my reluctant partner and my problem; there is limited time available to collect these interviews and to write these posts.  I am busy working, too.  But I have decided this matters. I will make time for it and I will do it.

I will continue to post here when something strikes me, but most of my writing energy is going to go to my blog. I hope you'll stop by and comment if you feel the urge.

I have two children, both grown, both struggling to make ends meet in this crazy new world. Being smart and educated, even connected, isn't enough. I feel like I misled them. I think there's an entire generation wondering what happened to their shot at the American Dream.

We all want to feel like we're doing something that matters. This is my project. I hope it contributes to making a difference.

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