Saturday, August 30, 2014

Behold the Country

What a fascinating a little town that time's practically forgotten as a living museum. I saw the article in today's New York Times.

What a brilliant idea!  And it made me think of other sleepy places I love - Otsego County in NY, Lubec, Maine, Nova Scotia...places where the pace of life is slower, where office jobs are the rarity and farming/fishing are the mainstays.

And wouldn't it also be a genius idea for my hometown of Woodstock, NY?  We're a town of creative people - shake anyone once, from your realtor to the kid bagging your groceries and they'll admit that they also play music, sing, write, act, make films or paint. What if we used our amazing Byrdcliffe venue to be our central access point for visitors to see those artists at work?

(Pic Courtesy Ulster Publishing)

Congrats to New Lebanon. They may be old fashioned, but they're thinking way ahead of the curve.