Sunday, April 9, 2017

Brooklyn North

Move aside, Hudson. The buzz has moved south and it's taking over an entire small city, not just one very hip main street.

Kingston's been rumbling for a few years, with the O+ Festival, the influx of young visitors lured by their friends and the growing availability of Air BnB rentals. But if you're not here yet, you've come late.

Don't believe me? Maybe you'll believe Vogue. Seriously. Vogue. Kingston is now the great little upstate destination for design lovers that you just must visit, darlings and dudes.

People who I've helped find homes here in the past couple of years are now thanking their lucky stars they got into the Kingston scene before Vogue found it.

What's so great about Kingston?

Well, first, there's the Uptown (Stockade - same place) restaurant scene. Surprisingly varied and plentiful for a fairly small city, you can have lunch at a minimalist Greek place and dinner at a locavore's favorite fantasy. Meat, no meat, pasta, no gluten, ethnic and American - it's all within a few blocks.

The shopping's improving, too. Antique shops, gift shops, art supplies, candy, coffee (sometimes several under the same roof), tattoos and even an upscale bridal boutique.

The live music scene has picked up in a big way and the tumbleweeds no longer blow down Wall Street at 10 PM on a weekend. Unless The Tumbleweeds are playing.

The Rondout area (the river end of the city) has been an arts enclave for years and now the city is on a mission to revitalize the midtown, Broadway area, which connects Uptown and the Rondout, with more restaurants, shops, galleries and watering holes.

Walk two blocks from the Trailways bus terminal and you're in the heart of Uptown.

It's car-less upstate living at its best.  But it's not a secret any more.

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